Program Description

CPH offers the underserved and underinsured in the community access to wellness programs and nominal-cost warm water exercise and therapeutic activities in two enclosed pools. CPH is unique in that it is the only free standing, hospital unaffiliated, nonprofit warm-water therapy facility in the greater Long Beach areas, if not throughout the Los Angeles basin, open to all regardless of ability to pay or insurance status.

CPH is open five days per week (Tues-Sat) and features two indoor pools kept at a constant water temperature between 91-94 degrees. These pools offer shallow areas for water aerobics, exercising, walking, jogging and swimming, and deeper areas for lap swimming and therapeutic exercises. The pools are equipped with ramps and hydrophilic lifts, which offer easy access for water wheel chairs and those with limited mobility. Floats and workout equipment are available for use.

Our aquatic approach is designed to provide low-impact conditioning with non-stress on joints, bones and muscles.

Our program activities consist of:

  • Adult Therapeutic Exercise Classes are offered daily in the shallow pool and led by certified lifeguards and trained aquatic exercise instructors.
  • Deep Water Exercise and Conditioning Activities are taught to individuals and small groups by our trained aquatics staff upon request.
  • Children and Adult Swim Lessons are available privately or in small groups upon request.
  • Open Swim and individual therapeutic exercise or rehabilitation activities are available in the deep pool during pool hours and the shallow pool when classes are not in session.
  • Physical Therapy Case Management Services and therapeutic exercises are available to clients referred by a physician for these specialized services.
  • Family Day is offered each Saturday when pool members can bring guests.
  • Summer Open Swim offers late afternoon recreational swim activities to low-income neighborhood children.
  • Brown Baggin’It For Health is a regularly scheduled health information and wellness program presented by guest speakers and offering informational material and resource referrals to attendees.
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    6801 Long Beach Blvd.
    Long Beach, CA 90805
    Phone: (310) 537-2224
    Fax: 310-537-2255

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We are a non-profit organization.

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