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4 Tips to Buy a Rotation Watch Winder with Good Quality

Are you familiar with multiple watch winder? These accessories are not only a very useful tool in maintaining your watch collection, but they also provide a different way for you to appreciate and display your watch while spending time at home. Wow, it’s interesting, right? So, let’s discuss it more!

What is a watch winder?

Generally, a rotation watch winder is a device that can charge watches automatically without the need for us to use them all the time. The watch winder utilizes an automatic watch mechanism that uses the rotating rotor inside to charge. In the watch winder, the watch automatically rotates at an adjusted speed.

While the watch is rotating, the rotor is restrained by the force of gravity thereby tightening the mainspring of the watch which powers the automatic watch. This way of working makes almost all watch winders in circulation even though until now they cannot be used on manual mechanical watches

Tips to buy a rotation watch winder

  • The storage capacity

A watch winder with a bigger size generally can store more than 2 watches even till 4. But, of course, it depends on its capacity. The capacity of a watch winder with large storage is a recommended choice for you if you like collecting watches. Then, the other benefits of this winder are protecting the watches inside from bumps, and of course, it can protect better than a watch winder with a smaller size.

  • The direction of rotation

The rotation is certainly the same as common rotation. A watch winder ideally rotates either direction clockwise or counterclockwise. If it has a rotation only, it will cause the mechanism of automatic watch wearing all the time.

  • Sound

Most consumers overlook this important criterion before buying the rotation watch winder. Analyzing the watch winder’s noise or sound of the motor is very important. If a watch winder sounds very noisy when running, it means that it has poor quality. Yeah, you surely will dislike the noise when placing it in your bedroom or even living room. So, choosing a watch winder with a silent motor is a better choice.

  • Price

Everything you want to buy, don’t forget this important thing. Yeah, you need to consider the price of the watch winder. Then, you must have known that cheap does not always give a good prediction. So, try to avoid watch winder at the cheapest price. But it does not mean that you have to buy the most expensive one.

Remember, a watch winder can give the watch’s mechanism a negative impact and of course, it also affects overall performance. So, it’s better to buy one of good quality though the price is rather expensive.

Those are all about rotation watch winder and tips to buy it. Remember, you are the only one who understands what you need and like!